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Howard Alumna Becomes First Woman Elected as California Attorney General

Howard Alumna Becomes First Woman Elected as California Attorney General

In less than a month, Howard University alumna Kamala Harris, J.D., (B.A. '86), will join a long line of Howard "firsts" when she is sworn in as the first woman as well as first African-American and Indian-American, to be elected as California Attorney General.

Harris, 46, led her first campaign as a freshman at Howard University for the Liberal Arts Student Council. Faculty, students and administrators knew that there was something special about her.

"I remember Kamala very well," said Rodney Green, Ph.D., chair of the Howard University Department of Economics. "She was very brilliant, a leader on campus and was destined for success. We are very proud of her historic election."

Harris was born in Oakland, California to a Jamaican father and Indian mother and raised in Berkeley. Her parents, both professors, were involved in the Civil Rights Movement and instilled in her a strong commitment to justice and public service.

YMCA DC Youth & Government Youth Summit = BIG Success

YMCA DC Youth & Government  Youth Summit = BIG Success

The Old City Council Chambers at One Judiciary Square was overtaken by teens on Friday, 12/3/10 - in the best way possible.  The YMCA DC Youth and Government Summit gives students an opportunity to interact with community leaders, discuss issues plaguing the city, and learn about having a career in public service. Over 200 high school students from all four quadrants of DC actively developed, debated and discussed ideas that will make our city a better place to live and work. 

Video: Tea Party Patriots' Reaction to Projected Republican House Victory

Tea Party Patriot members react to the announcement that Republicans are projected to have a majority in the House of Representatives.

George Washington, Captain America Attend Tea Party Patriot Event

Men dressed as George Washington and Captain America attended the Tea Party Patriot party on Election night.  Here's what they each had to say about their outfits and their meaning:

George Washington man: "(George Washington) was with the original tea party activists in America, and (they) gathered together to fight for liberty, and our independence, and our Republic. That's what the revelation is here tonight.  It's a reprise of our recovery of our Republic.  That's what we're here for."


Captain America man: "I'm Captain America, I'm here to save my country.  I'm tired of Christianity being removed, about the Constitution being stepped on and ripped up.  I'm tired of everything that this country holds near and dear being destroyed."

"One Thing People Don't Know About the Tea Party: It's That We're Not All Rich, White Snobs"

Melissa Ortiz, National Co-Chairman of Can-Do Conservatives of America, a Tea Party Patriot member, and also a handicapped Northwest D.C. resident, said that the public shouldn't think that everyone in the Tea Party are "all rich, white snobs".

At the Tea Party Patriot event in front of the Capitol building, Ortiz said that the movement is "As diverse as the United States." 

Ortiz said that the country is headed towards socialism, and that the way the United States will be "the best country it can be" is from "Conservative values".

Tea Party Patriots Plant Flags on Capitol Lawn, Say Tomorrow Sun "Will Rise on a New America"

Members of the Tea Party Patriots organization kicked off Election night 2010 by planting their flags in the ground on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol building at just after 5:30 p.m..

"We hereby reclaim the Capitol for we the people of the United States of America," Tea Party Patriot JennyBeth Martin exclaimed after the flags had been inserted.

Holding American flags as well as "Don't Tread" flags, Tea Party members posed for cameras and announced that their organization represents a "victory".

"This is a victory for liberty and a victory for we the people," Martin said.  "This is not a Republican victory.  Both parties are distrusted and disliked by the American people. Both parties have betrayed the American people."