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Pet Of The Week: Bixby

5 Reasons to Get Your Dog Gourmet Baked Goods This Holiday Season

5 Reasons to Get Your Dog Gourmet Baked Goods This Holiday Season

Dog Krazy, a specialty shop featuring products for dogs, offers a full line of all-natural, allergen-free healthy dog treats.

Throughout America, there are roughly 78 million dogs. People love their dogs, calling them their best friend and treating them like their child. As many pet parents do their holiday shopping, they may want to add something for their furry family member, or friend, to their list. Although the dog can’t personally ask for it, the word on the street is that gourmet baked goods top the ‘most wanted’ list, this year.

“All dogs love gourmet baked goods,” explains Nancy Guinn, owner of Dog Krazy, located in Fredericksburg. “And why shouldn’t they? These treats are good enough for humans to eat, but made especially for the dogs in our lives. One bite and your dog will be hooked.”

5 Ways to Help the Animals of Hurricane Sandy

5 Ways to Help the Animals of Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy struck the coast at the end of October it did damage that hit the news channels around the globe. The 80 mile per hour winds took lives, did billions of dollars in damage, and left thousands of people homeless. Many people are aware of the human impact of this tragedy, but few know about how the animals were in impacted in the area. As it turns out, many pets were lost, displaced, injured, and separated from their families.

“There is an element of tragedy here that many people have not even heard about and it is all the animals that have been impacted,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, an organization dedicated to helping animals in need. “What we try to do is help raise awareness and to help as many animals as we can, but we really need the support of others in order to be more successful at our mission.”

Pet of the Week: Vanilla Bean

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -   She is this week's Washington Animal Rescue League pet of the week, and this uniquely marked feline wants nothing more than a forever home for the holidays. Santa, are you listening to Vanilla Bean?

She is a 6-year-old domestic long-haired cat with a personality as lovely as her looks. She's sweet, social, laid back, and loves to be stroked and held--the purrfect mellow cat.

Vanilla Bean seems to get along well with other cats, although she's really much more interested in people. Clearly, she knows who's in charge of supplying treats and meals! Vanilla Bean would be an ideal match for someone who is looking for a loveable lap cat. If that someone is you, or a friend whose lap is empty, go to the WARL website for  information on how to visit or adopt Vanilla Bean. Just click warl.org.

WHS Promotion Gives Homeless Pets Hope For The Holidays

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -  In the season of gifting, the  Washington Humane Society (WHS)  asks you to remember the animals whose only holiday wish is the gift of a forever home. WHS is offering area residents four ways to help during its Hope for the Holidays promotion.:

• For Thanksgiving, WHS is calling on the community to open their hearts and homes to the many deserving animals who are seeking a loving family by offering $22 adoption fees for all animals adopted between November 19 and 26. (For more information on adoptions and available animals, visit www.washhumane.org.)

• For those who would like to give a special gift this season, there are gift certificates to cover the cost of WHS adoption fees, so rather than presenting an animal as a gift, a certificate for the right choice will offer a surprised potential pet owner the perfect opportunity to find the right animal match.

Pet of the Week: Messenger

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - This week's Washington Animal Rescue League's pet of the week is a tail-wagging charmer. Messenger is a 4-year-old Siberian husky mix. She was rescued, along with 22 other dogs, from a South Carolina puppy mill. Messenger and more than 200 other dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds, were found existing in unacceptable, deplorable conditions.

Luckily for Messenger, those grim days are in her past.  Like most survivors of puppy mills, Messenger is a timid dog with a sweet nature who just needs time, patience and affection to help bring out her true personality. In a loving home, this lovely girl whose markings are striking and whose eyes are soulful, will truly blossom.

WHS Celebrates Feral Cat Week Oct. 13-20

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Cats who ordinarily live in the shadows will be spotlighted during the week of Oct. 13-20 as the Washington Humane Society expands National Feral Cat Day (Oct. 16) to an entire week. Feral cats, often misunderstood and unwanted, will be a topic of awareness and education for those who may not realize their needs.

WHS will be reminding residents in the District and surrounding areas about the Cat Neighborhood Partnership Program(CatNiPP), and assisting them in finding ways to help the cats living in their communities.