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Man seen exposing himself in Capitol Hill park | News

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Man seen exposing himself in Capitol Hill park

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- What started off as a fun day at a local playground in Capital Hill Thursday afternoon quickly changed after several mothers told WUSA9 they saw a man exposing himself while sitting on a bench nearby.

"I was just really shaken up. I called my husband on our walk home right away. Everyone was fine, but I was crying," Stacy Durand, a mother who was at Stanton Park while the man exposed himself said.

Durand, who frequently visits Stanton Park with her son, was here at 1 p.m. Thursday when the incident happened.

There are no bathrooms near the park, and sometimes when the little kids can't hold it they go in some bushes near a bench.

"They were pulling down their pants to go potty, and he was watching them and doing you know what to himself," Durand said.

Parents immediately left the park and Durand called 911.

"They pretty much said whoever saw it should have called 911 when the crime was in progress. And I said 'I agree with that, but I wasn't the person who saw it' unfortunately."

A report was not filled with D.C. police, but U.S. Park police officers were at the playground Friday to interview parents and nannies who were there.

Parents say this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

"The man approached my front porch and proceeded to remove his penis and began to masturbate to my daughter [while] looking directly at my daughter," Nicole Crum, a parent said.

In this case, Crum called 911 and the man was arrested. However, he was soon let go.

"Masturbating to a child is a misdemeanor in Washington D.C. and it's not an arrestable offense. The law needs to be changed," Crum said.

Until then, moms say it's up to them to be on the lookout.

"When we got home I just like held my baby tight and cried and just told him how much I love him, that I would always do whatever I could to keep him safe," Durand said.

U.S. Park police told WUSA9 they're on the lookout for this man, but ask the pubic if they see something to say something.

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