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Holiday Do's and Dont's


As a somewhat recent transplant to this city I find myself often amazed by how this city in so many areas can lack flavor in its mainstream. I mean flavor of diversity, I mean lack of fashion, I mean lack of conscious. In a city where girls tell me they it's refreshing to meet a guy who doesn't brag to them about their yacht, mansion, power job, insert random flashy thing I don't have, I am not astounded when I meet a person who lives close to U Street and has never tried some of the best Ethiopian I've ever eaten or hearing someone tell me they love techno and then look at me with a blank expression when I tell them I got to talk to Laid Back Luke because the crowds at Glow aren't that big and the artists aren't so segregated. I thought I'd bring a few things to to light and spread some love from a self proclaimed aficionado of fun.


-Black Cat, DC9, U Street Music Hall, and Rock n Roll Hotel on a random night. Bring a friend or two. I guarantee the new music you hear will go along great with the reasonibly priced drinks.

-make friends with promoter at the club if you are going somewhere upscale. Waiting in line is for tourists. Just say something as simple as "hey man, great party" or "good work". They will take care of the rest even if you don't want to do bottle service every week. You can usually spot them by their dress and sobriety.

-check out the local art scene and SUPPORT it.  Pink Line Project is a great place to start. Also, check out ReadySetDC. These sites will set you up with some great events and listings to get your culture on.

-shave your Movember mustache. The parties were epic and I loved it. Now is the time for mistle toe.

-make your NYE plans in advance. Beware of open bars. If you read a review and it says understaffed, I hope there is a cute girl/guy in the drink line next to you when the clock strikes 2011.

-I can't tell what kind of music you like. If your current go to jam is something by Ke$ha, please stop reading this and seek help immediately. 9:30 Club and Sonar (Baltimore love) have some great artists coming in this final month. Ghostland Observatory and Gogol Bordello are two who bring it harder than a freight train.


-wear your Christmas sweater. Not even in an ironic way.

-EVER, EVER, EVER play Christmas carols before Thanksgiving. This should be outlawed. It's like making plans for Valentine's Day right now with a guy/girl you've been on three dates with.

-guys with scarfs. If it's not warming your neck because there's snow on the ground don't bother. Lil' Wayne and Johny Depp can pull it off because they are the Mugatu of cool. No one wears them anymore. You might as well suit up in Ed Hardy and True Religions.

-forget to lend a hand. A few bucks to the Salvation Army. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Give a houseless person an old blanket. You may think you have it bad, yet, if you're reading this I'm assuming you can afford a computer and a roof over your head Richie Rich.

-hate. I see so much envy in the holiday season it's insane. Get it together. Be happy for your fellow man/woman/brother/sister/alien. Take responsibility for what you want. There is a new year coming to change/obtain whatever it is you want. I've figured out how to get a lot of what I wanted by simply saying to someone I see with said thing, "hey, that's awesome. How'd you get that?"


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