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Metro Transit Police Using Postcards To Fight Crime | News

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Metro Transit Police Using Postcards To Fight Crime

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Captain Warren Donald of the Metro Transit Police Department spends a good deal of his time scanning Metro parking lots and garages, trying to see things before they're stolen; things like GPS devices, cell phones and money left in cars, and clearly visible.

When he finds them, Captain Donald takes down the car's license plate number, finds the owner's address and then mails the car owners a postcard telling them what he saw and asking the drivers to secure their personal property in their cars where they can't be seen.

It's a new crime prevention program started late last year by Metro.  So far, they've sent out a few hundred of the yellow postcards, which police believe are helping continue a decline in crime at Metro garages and parking lots.  

According to Metro, crime at Metro parking lots and garages declined thirty percent last year, and there are now only two parking lot crimes for every one million Metro passengers -- a seemingly impressive stat that Metro says can be attributed to better policing, better awareness by Metro customers and, recently, to some yellow postcards.


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